NW Integrative Medicine: Functional Holistic Alternative Natural Medical Care Since 1985 In Tri-Cities WA, Kennewick WA NW Integrative Medicine: Functional Holistic Alternative Natural Medical Care Since 1985 In Tri-Cities WA, Kennewick WA



Our Most Popular Treatments

Semaglutide Treatment

Semaglutide is a prescribed medication treatment used for treating type 2 diabetes and managing weight in individuals with obesity or overweight.

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IV Infusion Therapies

IV Infusion Therapy is a popular treatment for a variety of health issues. These therapies are efficient and effective for getting you back to living!

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LDA Allergy Treatment

LDA treatments are used for inhalant, food, chemical and autoimmune issues. It is administered about once every two to three months.

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Repair Joints & Ligaments
Prolozone Therapy

Prolozone Therapy is an injection technique used to stimulate natural healing in joints and ligaments.


  • In-office procedure
  • No downtime
  • Low-risk procedure
  • Minimal discomfort
  • Rapid results
  • Triggers the body’s innate healing system
  • Can delay or eliminate joint replacement needs

You may see results in less than 24 hours!

Repair it, don't replace it!

What Patients Are Saying About Us...


Unbelievable Concern, Care And Patience...

Been to many doctors offices in my life. I have never before been to one where every member of the staff and the doctor seem so genuinely concerned caring about not just me as a patient but saw that everyone was treated with the same unbelievable concern care and patience.

Sarah W

I Highly Recommend This Medical Group...

This medical group is your friend!
They are an unlimited full capacity group.
1. Trained in not only standard medical procedures and prescriptions..
2. They are trained in how to strengthen, cleanup and vitamin./supplement you and your blood with advanced health treatments and procedures.
3. They are best friends with compounding pharmacies..
4. I highly recommend this medical group.

Leslie M

I loved NW Integrative Medicine...

I loved NW Integrative Medicine because Everyone is so caring and helpful. Seeing great results and would highly recommend.

Vicky M

They Are Very Caring and Genuine...

Dr. Smith and the ENTIRE team are very good at what they do. In addition, they are very caring and genuine. Dr. Smith's office offers real help for many areas or health issues. The holistic approach is needed greatly in this day and age and Dr. Smith offers that to his patients. I have referred people to Dr. Smith without regret.

Rocky S

The Staff is wonderful...

NW Integrative Medicine was so helpful in helping me with my needs. Dr. Smith listened to my concerns, and came up with a plan that is helping me. The staff is wonderful, and very caring. Thank you!😊

Steven C

Exactly What We Were Looking For...

We are new to the area and my husband I both had great experiences with everyone at this practice. From the gals at the front to Scott who really took the time to listen to our concerns and set up a detailed plan. We look forward to meeting with Dr. Smith as well. Their holistic approach to wellness is exactly what we were looking for.

Kim C

They Truly Care...

They show how much they care for their patients ( they truly care). With them it's about their patients health!

Judith C

I love NW Integrative Medicine...

I love NW Integrative Medicine! They have seen me through both COVID and stage 4 colon cancer. I wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for Dr. Smith and his nursing team!!!

Andrew F

Our Specialty Is You

“ The good physician treats the disease; the great physician treats the patient who has the disease. " -Sir William Osler

NW Integrative Medicine: Natural Integrative Functional Alternative Medical Care Since 1985, Tri-Cities WA, Kennewick WA

The highest quality
integrative care

In Tri-Cities, WA... Since 1985

We have been offering integrative functional and alternative medical services since 1985. We treat many different conditions and offer a multitude of therapies, IV infusion therapies, electrostimulation treatments, protocols and regimens specifically designed for individual patient needs, and so much more.

Our physicinas enjoy sharing their 40+ years of experience and knowledge in the functional medicine field. Taking time to educate patients about integrative medicine and how it can help their condition, is essential. We strive every day, to make the process of healing easier for our patients, while supporting their health goals for an outstanding quality of life for the long term.


NW Integrative Medicine: Pelvic Pulse Pro Strengthens Pelvic Muscles For Incontinence In Kennewick WA
6 Sessions $995 (REG $1500)
Pelvic Pulse Pro EMS
Feel like you've Got To Go? Gain confidence, get rid of the urgency!
Use a non-invasive treatment to strengthen the pelvic floor.
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NW Integrative Medicine: Delta Pulse PEMF For Pain Reduction & Accelerate Rehabilitation In Kennewick WA
5 SESSIONS FOR $100 (REG $300)
Non-invasive procedure for pain reduction,
accelerate rehabilitation & more...
NW Integrative Medicine: Natural Functional Medicine & Professional Supplement Nutrition in Kennewick WA, Tri-Cities WA Since 1985
Fullscript is a platform offering professional supplements and vitamins to help patients manage their health.

Medical & Alternative Services

We offer many medical and alternative services for overall health and wellness. Your health is at the forefront of everything we do. Our purpose is to achieve health and wellness results, while incorporating a healthy lifestyle, and reaching your health goals for the long term.


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NW Integrative Medicine: Functional Natural Holistic Alternative Medicine Practitioners In Tri-Cities WA, Kennewick WA
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