LDA Allergy Treatment

LDA Treatment Offered at NW Integrative Medicine

(LDA) Low Dose Antigen Treatment Program

    What is LDA?

    Our primary allergy treatment is LDA serum, which stands for low-dose antigens. LDA can be used as a seasonal allergy treatment or for year-round allergies.

    LDA can also address food allergies and autoimmune issues caused by a leaky gut. This treatment works by introducing a very tiny dose of antigens (the things you’re allergic to) into your body, which then carries the antigens deep into the immune system, which decides whether they’re friends or foes. This treatment tells your immune system to ignore the allergens given in the injection. 

    LDA treatments are administered with a tiny injection into the skin of the forearm about once every two to three months. If allergies are intermittent, then the treatment can also be given intermittently without losing any potency because there’s no buildup with LDA.

    You’re at maintenance dose with your first treatment. However, the treatments do get progressively more effective over time. Unlike regular allergy treatments which require you to start over if you go for a period of time without treatment. LDA injections can be spaced months or years apart.

    Advantages of LDA

    • No skin testing required
    • Ability to treat inhalants, foods, and chemical sensitivity
    • Rapid onset of action (sometimes overnight)
    • Wide spectrum of coverage (LDA treats all allergens found on the North American continent.)
    • Treatment can be intermittent without losing effectiveness

    Disadvantages of LDA

    • Must avoid major exposure to allergens for 48 hours after the injection
    • Need to avoid many medications and a number of nutritional supplements for three weeks after the injection

    How Does LDA Work?

    If you’ve dealt with allergies, you know that it can be extremely difficult to deal with. There are treatments to help you manage your allergies and there are treatments that can help subdue your allergies. With the help of allergy autoimmune therapy, you can train your immune system to learn to reduce the reaction that happens when you’re exposed to certain allergens. This can help you avoid extreme reactions that could cause serious consequences.

    LDA allergy therapy is a technique where you are gradually given increasing doses of a specific allergen that you’re currently allergic to. Over time, your immune system can learn to be less sensitive to that allergen and it reduces the symptoms you may encounter when you’re exposed to that allergen. Some common allergens that this is done for include grass pollens, dust mites, and bee venom.

    Your doctor will first identify what your allergy symptoms are so that they can help you keep an eye on any reactions that may occur. The therapy is often done through allergy shots and is the most effective form of this type of treatment. Through this form of allergy therapy, you can help prevent new allergies and asthma.

    Your doctor may also perform this treatment through tablets, depending on what the allergy you’re dealing with is and how severe your allergies are. With allergy autoimmune therapy, you’ll be able to start enjoying going outside again without fearing the reaction you may have from your allergies.

    Find out how you can lessen the reactions you have to certain allergens and start living without the fear of an allergic reaction whenever you step outside.


    We offer a free 15-minute consultation to determine if either of these forms of allergy treatments will work for you and your family.

    An LDA treatments cost $250. An LDA treatment may consist of several LDA serum treatments such as; inhalants, foods and chemical allergies, depending on your condition. However, the cost is $250 whether one or four serums are used.

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    LDA & Allergy Reviews


    Very attentive to my needs and questions. Very professional. Clean environment.

    Marvin C

    “I have had allergies since I was 15, and this year I turn 59. For years, I would take shots and then I would get lazy and quit. Then, I would have to go in twice a year for cortisone shots, which couldn’t have been good for me, but I needed something in order to breathe to get rest at night".

    “Ever since I started with Dr. Smith’s LDA program I’m a new person. I would recommend this program for anyone who suffers from any kind of grass allergies.”

    Retter & Company

    Sotheby's International Realty

    Dave Retter

    I’m not going to lie-I was a total skeptic BUT I had my first dose this morning and my sinuses have not been this clear in quite some time. To be continued!

    Patricia Y