Joint Pain

Joint Pain Treatment Options at NW Integrative Medicine

Joint pain can be extremely difficult to deal with, especially when it’s knee pain. Often, you may hear that the only solution to excruciating knee pain is knee replacement. When you’re dealing with joint pain, you may not feel like you’re able to enjoy your normal life. It can feel like there’s no way to deal with the pain without just replacing the damaged joint. Your knees are an important part of your everyday life and there are ways that you can reduce pain and start repairing your joints. You can feel comfortable in your everyday activities again with faster recovery time, then invasive and expensive surgeries.

Traditional Joint Pain Therapy Options

Arthroscopic Surgery: If your joint is damaged, you may be able to  repair certain tendon and ligament tears with minimally invasive surgery. With surgery like this, the recovery is a lot less intense than total joint replacement, but still costly with a relatively long recovery time.

Joint Replacement Surgery: If your joint is severely damaged and beyond repair, replacement surgery may be recommended. Afterwards, your doctor might recommend wearing a knee brace to stabilize your knee and keep it in place during a long recovery process. You may ice it daily to reduce inflammation and swelling. You may also need to go through physical therapy to rebuild muscle around the joint, increase mobility again, and to avoid scar tissue.

However, there may be a better solution. It can be easier on your body and your life if you focus on repairing the joint instead of just replacing it.

Get Back Your Mobility

Regenerative therapies can be less costly and less invasive then joint replacements and other surgeries. Faster recovery time gives you back your mobility and let's you get back to your life... without joint pain!

Regenerative Therapy

Joint and Back are among the most common conditions we treat. We offer a full gamut of treatment options to choose from  which can be used as standalone treatments or in conjunction with one another:

  • Delta Pulse PEMF Therapy
  • Prolozone Therapy
  • Pluripotent Cell Therapy
  • Extracellular Vesicle Therapy

Repair It - Don’t Replace It

Repair your joints, don’t replace them!

Find out how you can repair a damaged joint with our Regenerative Therapies.

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