Telephone Consultation

Telephone Consultation with Stephen Smith, M.D.

Telephone Consult Cost:

Telephone consults are available for those seeking an integrative medical opinion. Here is what you need to know about telephone consults or telemedicine. Billing rate is $75 / 15 minutes with a 15 minute minimum.

General Information:

  • Telephone consults are scheduled like a regular appointment.
  • Requires a credit card for billing.
  • We do not bill insurance for telephone consults.
  • Telephone consults are billed in 15 minute increments.
  • Billing time is phone time plus 5 minutes to 10 minutes of documentation time.
  • An email of the recommendations will be sent to you.

Established Patients:

  • Can save travel time and time off work.
  • Telephone consults are recorded in your chart.
  • Can fill prescriptions, except scheduled drugs requiring hard copy of prescription.
  • Require one in person office visit to be considered established patient.

Telephone Consults for Non Patients:

  • Does not establish physician-patient relationship.
  • Can not prescribe medications, only in Washington state.
  • Can make suggestions for care to discuss with your personal physician.
  • Notes of suggestions are available by email.
  • Useful when no Integrative physicians are available in your locality.