Nutritional Supplement Therapy

Most people have some nutritional deficiencies. Deficiency affects general metabolic functions like making energy, detoxification, cognitive function, immune function and hormone levels. A balanced organic diet is the best source of nutrients, but few of us are able to get all of our essential nutrition from our diet. We find that over 90 percent of our patients suffering from arthritis and joint pain have nutritional deficiencies which are the primary cause of their joint deterioration.

Bowel dysfunction is a common finding in chronically ill patients. Nutritional therapy is key to restoring normal bowel function. We use nutritional therapy to remove pathogens, repair the bowel, replace and inoculate the bowel with healthy bacteria, nutritional supplementation with professional grade supplements is a key component of all of our treatment plans. We use ART testing to help us determine the required supplementation.

Most people have tried some form of nutritional therapy before seeing us. The problem most patients have is figuring out exactly what they need, so they end up with a huge bag of supplements, some of which are helpful. We find we can eliminate almost 2/3 of the supplements patients are taking by providing the supplements they need and eliminating non-essential supplements.

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