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Genomic Testing at NW Integrative Medicine

There are now more than 3000 genetic tests with about 2000 currently available for use in clinical settings. Most tests look at single genes to diagnose rare genetic disorders, such as fragile X syndrome and Duchenne muscular dystrophy. However, more affordable and useful tests are now available. offers an ancestry profile but also includes raw data for $99. The raw data is downloadable and for use by other applications to provide a list of common anomalies also called SNP’s (Single-nucleotide polymorphism, pronounced snips), which affect detoxification pathways, neurotransmitter balance, etc.

This knowledge is very helpful in treating chronically ill, anxious, or depressed people because we can nutritionally manipulate these pathways. For example, Stephen Smith, M.D. recently saw a patient with homozygous (double) MTHFR (Methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase) 1298 anomaly. She had suffered from depression and anxiety since she was a young child. A simple change, adding methyl B12 SQ injections, resolved this lifelong problem in less than two weeks.

We offer a variety of other panels designed to look at various health risks. These panels by Doctor’s Data and Smart DNA provide both data and an interpretive report. Most of these panels cost around $500, but for most people, the 23andme panel will provide the required data although the data does require using other programs to produce a useful report at a cost of $79.00. 23andMe recently received FDA approval for reporting on some genetic risk factors in their full panel which costs around $199.00.

Genetic testing is one of the most beneficial tests you can have. The data obtained can not only help with current health issues, but it can also help prevent serious illnesses like Parkinson’s disease, heart disease, and cancer by improving detoxification and immune function. The data obtained from genetic testing can be used to design a patient specific nutritional plan. This is important because most patients with chronic illnesses also have some issues with methylation and detoxification. This is why two people exposed to the same stresses and toxins can react so differently.

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