Energetic Supplement Testing


Energetic Testing

Energetic testing ensures products do what they are intended to do. Here is how it works. When a patient comes into our clinic, one of the diagnostic techniques used is Autonomic Response Testing (ART).

How It Works

ART enables the examiner to find organs, joints, etc., that are under stress. Once the organ is located, for example, the gall bladder, we can test gall bladder supplements to see if they can correct the issue. We can also compare products to see which is more effective.

This is done by adding the supplement to be tested into the patient's energy field using signal enhancer blocks developed by Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, M.D., Ph.D., and retesting the organ, in this case, the gallbladder. If the test changes from weak to strong, we know the supplement will help.

We use this method to select the right supplements for the patient. In follow-up,
the patients almost always improve when energetic testing is used to select the best supplement.

For example, mitochondrial fatigue is a common problem, especially post COVID-19. We have tried many supplements purported to be useful for mitochondrial support. However, using energetic testing, we found about 70% of the mitochondrial supplements we tried had no positive effect. None, even though looking at their formula and their claims, you would think they would be effective. Therefore, when we select products for our protocols, we use energetic testing to ensure the products are effective for the condition.

In many patients, we also obtain detailed laboratory testing using the Metabolomix test, with 15 pages of nutritional data breaking down the patient’s biochemistry, which invariably confirms our ART findings but offers a more detailed analysis.

Energetic testing is a key clinical technique for diagnosing and treating difficult patients. It also provides additional assurance that our protocols will work for you.

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