Coronavirus IV Infusion Therapy

What is Coronavirus IV Infusion Therapy?

Here is what we know. The coronavirus attacks the ACE 2 receptor on cells.  This blocks the formation of AT 1,7 which helps control superoxide formation and increases angiotensin II that increases inflammation and superoxide formation.  Superoxide is an oxidative molecule that causes most of the damage in the body.  Besides direct inflammation, it triggers clotting disorder known as Van Willebrands.
This causes the small capillaries to fill with blood clots.  This is most noticeable in the lungs but is occurring everywhere in the body.  We think of Covid-19 as a respiratory viral pneumonia, but we now understand that coronavirus effects the entire body,   The kidneys and heart are also severely affected, but people tend to die from pneumonia and the clotting in the lungs.
Glutathione which is part of our body’s antioxidant system typically prevents the buildup of superoxide, but in people with low glutathione and lipoic acid, superoxide can get out of control causing the inflammatory reaction seen in Covid-19. People with a robust anti-inflammatory system may have the SARS-2 (coronavirus) infection, but don’t have symptoms. Why because they have adequate reserves of glutathione and other anti-oxidants.

Protocol & Ingredients

We have an IV we use in pain patients and Covid-19 patients to reduce the effects of inflammatory cytokines. It has 3 parts.

  1. Glutathione 2,000 mg
  2. Lipoic Acid 500 mg
  3. Optional - Vitamin C 10,000 mg
  4. Optional - NAC 500 mg

These ingredients are mixed with sterile water 3:1 to reduce the concentration and osmolarity of the solution. The solution is given IV push. We are seeing a rapid reduction in pain and Covid-19 symptoms with this IV, typically overnight.

In patients with more serious distress exosomes (stem cells) can be given IV.  Some patients have  had marked improvement in less than hour with the use of exosomes.

We usually give activated charcoal by mouth to adsorb toxins released from the liver by the glutathione. We give 3 doses of 3 capsules of charcoal at 3-hour intervals.

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