Arthritis is an inflammatory condition. The traditional approach is to prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs, while ignoring the root cause. In most cases the gut is the source of inflammation. A leaky gut permits bowel bacteria to get into the systemic circulation triggering an inflammatory response. Therefore, our approach starts by improving GI function and integrity thus reducing the source of inflammation. However, many herbal nutrients are as effective as NSAID medications without the risks to kidneys and the digestive system.

Ozone therapy known as prolozone, where low dose ozone is injected directly into the joint has proven quite effective at both reducing inflammation and restoring joint integrity. Our comprehensive approach treats arthritis at the source while providing immediate relief.

Our LDA treatment can reduce reactivity to foods and bacteria. Bacterial reactions are the underlying cause of many types of autoimmune arthritis. LDA can turn these reactions off over time reducing the pain and damage caused by autoimmune reactions.

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