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LDA Facts & Resources at NW Integrative Medicine

What is LDA & How Does it Work?

The very low dose in LDA (low dose antigen) in combination with an enzyme (beta glucuronidase) tells the immune system to ignore the allergens (things you’re allergic to) in the LDA serum. The more the immune system hears this message, the more effective it becomes, and the longer the effect lasts. Unlike traditional immunotherapy, there’s no build-up. The LDA dose doesn’t change, but the duration and effectiveness of the LDA treatment improves with each treatment.

The great thing about LDA is that it doesn’t matter how far apart the treatments are from one another. If you only have allergies in the spring, then you only need to get one LDA treatment in the spring, but each treatment even though a full year apart will continue to work better than the last one until you reach 10 treatments, then it levels off. Most people do very well after just a couple of treatments.

Initial shots usually produce a short-term decrease in allergies, but because each treatment builds on the one before it, LDA restores or reinforces the natural immunity. It essentially corrects nature’s mistake; it restores normal immune tolerance.

One of the great advantages of LDA is its ability to reduce chemical sensitivities. At one time, I was so sensitive to chemicals I couldn’t walk down the detergent aisle in the grocery store without getting a headache and my chest tightening up. LDA cleared all that up.

LDA was developed in 2003 and offers success rates approaching 90 percent for patients with inhalant allergies. If you have failed to get relief with standard immunotherapy, LDA may be the solution you’re desperately seeking. LDA is so effective because it contains all of the major allergens found in the United States and Canada and treats the major allergens and many subclinical allergens, as well. LDA has worked well for many people whom standard immunotherapy has failed.

LDA’s primary use is the treatment of autoimmune disorders. LDA is quite effective in getting most autoimmune disorders under control.

Anaphylactic food allergies are a major risk to many people. LDA is the only form of immunotherapy that is safe and effective for the treatment of anaphylactic food allergies.

LDA injections are given in the forearm just underneath the skin. The needles are very fine and small and don’t cause pain. There’s one serum for each type of allergy or sensitivity, inhalants, foods, or chemicals. The different types of LDA treatments can be mixed and matched. For example, you may only need an inhalant treatment, or you may need an inhalant and food treatment or all three.

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